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Dr. Max C. Bungard (better known as Pastor Max) was converted to Christ in his sixteenth year accepting the call to ministry shortly after. His formal preparation for ministry includes studies at Appalachian Bible College, Tennessee Temple Schools, West Virginia University Parkersburg Extension, Andersonville Baptist Seminary, and Andersonville Theological Seminary.
Pastor Max holds degrees in Biblical Studies. Pastor Max has been in ministry for over 57 years having served the Lord in various capacities including rescue mission work, interim pastor, associate pastor, senior pastor, itinerate ministry, founder, and past president of New Life Evangelistic Association Inc. and has served on the board of New Castle Christian Academy.
Pastor Max has been serving New Castle Bible Church for 30 years. Pastor Max has a burning desire to share the gospel of Christ with as many people as he possibly can. Additionally, He loves teaching the Word of God to those who are hungry to hear it. Pastor Max is married to his wife of 50 years, Kathy and they have three adult children and 13 grandchildren. Their oldest son Chip is a pastor. Their son Chad is an attorney in Baltimore MD. Their daughter Shoshanna is married to an associate pastor.
Some of Pastor Max’s studies and self-published works include the following:
– Genesis: In The Beginning (analytical exegetical study)
– Biblical Theology (systematic study of Bible doctrine)
– Analysis Of Roman Catholicism
– Bible Words Explained
– Just The Beginning (survey of major Bible prophecies)
– Analysis of Revelation
– Chronological, Analytical, Interwoven Harmony Of The Gospels
– Analysis of James
– Chronology Of Church History
– Biblical Principles Of Marriage And The Family
– Personal Evangelism
– A Study In Biblical Introduction (how we got our Bible)
– Survey Of Cults And Religions
– Soteriology Who Are The Lost?
– Daniel An analytical study
– The Blessed Hope Study in 1 & 2 Thessalonians
– Great White Throne Judgment
– What The Bible Says About Hell
– Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy & Titus)

- Understanding Biblical prophecy

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