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The Past

New Castle Bible Church was organized on October 13, 1954, with the initial services held in homes. In God’s timing, a church building on Neshannock Avenue, first rented and later purchased, became available. The first pastor was Lewis J. Stewart, succeeded by Donald Martin, who, along with others, led the church during its formative years.

In the late sixties, Dr. J. A. Ford assumed the pastoral role. Under his leadership, the Redevelopment Authority of New Castle acquired the church property on Neshannock Avenue. Subsequently, a new facility was erected in Union Township at its current campus.

Pastor Ford's initiatives included the establishment of Parktown Christian Academy in 1975, a vital addition to NCBC's ministry. The academy continued until 1986. During a certain period, the church produced a radio program aired five days a week. After Dr. Ford’s passing in 1985, Dennis Fulk became the pastor and served the church until January 1993

The Present

Dr. Max C. Bungard has served as senior pastor since October 1993.

Located at its state route 224 campus, NCBC has been a beacon of testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ through its Sunday school, AM Worship service, Student Ministries, and live-streaming services. Bible teachings are also available on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, all dedicated to spreading the Word of God.

NCBC continues its commitment to serve New Castle and the surrounding area, aiming to bring the reality of a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to our community. This mission is accomplished through various means, including direct mail.

The Future

NCBC continues to anticipate the Lord’s blessing as we look forward to a future of faithful service to our Lord and the people of New Castle.


Responding to our Lord’s command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone” NCBC, under God’s grace, has laid a plan to accomplish this task in our part of God’s vineyard. Proposed future ministries include but are not limited to the following.

► An expanded youth ministry.

► Develop family retreats for couples, youth, men women & seniors.

► Develop a camping ministry for children, youth & families.

► Continue to expand the direct mail ministry to every resident of New Castle with the gospel.

► Expand the senior saint's ministry.

► Enhance home Bible and study groups.

► Expand our benevolent ministry.

► Develop a visitation ministry.

► Expand counseling ministry.

► Expand music & drama ministry.

► Develop a college extension ministry for college credit.

► Expand pastoral staff.

► Expand the missions department.

►  Continue to Develop a media ministry.

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